Case Studies

Most of us, at some time or other, suffer from a lack of self-belief and confidence. We tend to listen to our inner voice, the gremlin telling us we can’t achieve rather than look at our achievements to replicate thoughts, feelings and behaviours that brought success. Challenged by what they thought was an unachievable target, this sales team lacked belief in their combined ability. Weekly sessions over a period of 3 months, with the entire team and individual one to one sessions, turned the situation on its head. "You installed a belief in the wider team first of all, a belief that a stretch profit goal could be reached, a goal that was 30% up YOY straight off the back of two previous record growth years. With just three weeks of the year to go we have 5% of the sales target left to achieve what many needed convincing we could do. I believe the processes
We all get stressed and anxious to a lesser or greater extent – it’s dealing with it and knowing how to get through it that counts. Stress at work unfortunately impacts on our personal lives, and vice versa. Katy is a highly successful and driven individual. Like her, those of us who push our-selves and our boundaries to the limit are often fully aware that stress levels are being challenged and charged on a daily basis. Couple this with unexpected personal stress and the combination is toxic which clearly impacts on personal and business life. "I have worked with Kay on two separate occasions, each time during deeply stressful circumstances. She had helped me to deal positively with traumatic personal issues and at the same time, counselled me through professional crossroads. Her unique way of working with her clients means that she inspires and encourages at the same time as coaching and mentoring. Kay understands that
The Deloitte ‘Global Human Capital Trends’ 2015 states that ‘capable and engaging managers and supervisors drive performance, foster engagement, and increase staff retention and advised leaders to ‘maximise performance to retain and develop talent and potential at all levels of your organisation’… This case study reflects a very common situation - organisations which are run by talented, committed, reliable, uncomplaining and highly efficient individuals who have had little or no management training, yet without whom an sme would be lost. "I was promoted to Administration Manager, looking after two members of staff, one of whom was underperforming. I had no previous experience managing people, and didn’t feel confident dealing with an underperforming member of staff. Kay has provided me with coaching support for the last year and has supported me to set clear goals and consider new ways of managing a team. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and approachable. If I ever had any situations that
Motivation can come and go and it is vital to understand your drivers and motivators to get back on track when motivation is seriously lacking. This client was a classic case of an enormously talented individual who was unfocussed and de-motivated. We were tasked with finding his roar. We analysed his learning style and drivers from a previous very successful career, to make him aware of how he had previously achieved success to utilise these drivers in his current job, and to motivate himself on a daily basis. "I was introduced to Kay by my directors as I was struggling to find motivation to progress further. Kay was key to me in addressing my performance issues and helping me identify why I had a lack of self-motivation. With Kay’s help I learnt new techniques in dealing with people and more importantly, my own learning styles which was key to not only my work but my personal
We were invited to work with this Senior Manager as she was heading for potential redundancy and we were challenged with supporting her during the process. We aimed to develop her confidence and re-imprint her skills and capabilities to ensure she become self-aware, equipped and confident for future opportunities and interviews. We were initially engaged to work over 6 sessions, but a further 3 sessions proved to be invaluable in helping her to achieve an appointment as CEO in a new career sector. "As a Senior Manager who had settled within an organisation for many years, the reality of impending redundancy came as a shock to me. I was lucky however in that my organisation understood the potential impact that this change would have on me personally and made arrangements for me to have the support of a coach.  This is when I met Kay. I was at a point in my life where redundancy meant
We were asked to ‘tread gently’ with this potential client by a Company Director who knew that this Senior Consultant was hugely capable and highly intelligent, yet under-performing. We were asked to see if we could change his attitude and approach. Over 6 sessions we were able to arouse his curiosity and quietly challenge his modus operendi and patterns of behaviour to ignite his self-awareness, but this was work in progress. Our coaching sessions resulted in flashes of brilliance from him yet demonstrated for us that one to one coaching is not procedural and some clients need continuous support for a longer period than others. "I was a sales professional who thought I knew best and someone who was far too arrogant/perfect to believe I needed to change. I wasn’t someone who had ever subscribed to coaching or mentoring, after all, how would someone else know me better than myself? Reluctantly therefore, I had an exploratory