Coaching with Dr Kay Ten Minute Podcasts Coming Soon

Coming soon… A series of weekly, ten-minute podcasts called Coaching with Dr Kay!

The podcasts will be in the form of conversational bites with guests, to chat about how coaching works and the sort of issues raised by people that coaching is able to support. Our way of being and behaviours have changed since the covid pandemic. We have all had to change how we are and what we do as a result.  These podcasts will give insights into shared experiences and reveal how others are coping and more importantly, how coaching can support you to deal with new challenges and causes for concern.

Podcast topics of discussion include:

  • Self-Belief…do you like yourself and think you can do something special?
  • Rapport…how do you get on with those you don’t particularly like?
  • Self-Confidence…what’s rattled your self-confidence?
  • Anxiety…what’s making you anxious?
  • Stress…we all suffer from it but we can sort it
  • Lack of Motivation…do you feel as though you’ve lost your ‘get up and go’?
  • Under Performance…are you trying hard but getting nowhere?
  • Management Training…are you getting the support you need?
  • Work-Life Balance…is your life getting out of hand?
  • Coaching or Counselling?…what is the difference and which is for you?

Our podcasts will feature individuals, work colleagues, family and friends to interact with Dr Kay and share their thoughts and experiences to see if we can thrash out new insights and answers to everyday problems and feelings.

The  podcasts are brought to you by Cambridge Podcasts and produced by Angela Young.