who we are

Who we are

About kayandco

kayandco is primarily fronted by Kay Weijers, working with a network of highly experienced associate coaches and mentors.

With over 30 years’ experience in both running sales teams and personal development we are highly skilled at empowering people who are struggling to progress in their careers and personal lives.

Our task is to observe, inquire and listen to learn more about what motivates them and what holds them back, then equip them with the tools they need to change for the better.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level, please contact us. It will be one of the most valuable decisions you ever make in your professional life.

‘Ce que le public te reproche, cultive-le, c’est toi’ Jean Cocteau (1989-1963)
(Develop what it is that people reproach you for)

What our clients say…

“Having just completed a 6 week one to one coaching course with Kay, I can honestly say that the skills and techniques given have made a real difference to my work/life balance. Her ability to quickly identify areas for development, and her friendly warm approach makes you feel instantly at ease and receptive to the training, even when treading a little out of your comfort zone. The changes in both areas of my life have been commented on and noticed by friends and colleagues and I have even lost a little weight along the way as I am not stress eating!!

I can highly recommend her to anyone who needs some extra support and motivation to get life back on track”.

‘Kay, I was thinking of how much our discussions really helped me. I still think of all the things I learnt from you, our sessions together also really helped me with my personal relationships and have made a big difference to me’

Kay is uncomplicated in her approach and has an excellent perception of where problems may be and how to try and correct them. Kay is a positive person and I benefited greatly from her input into my business. Kay really understands the needs of a business and how people can have a massive effect on the performance of a business

Anthony Barnes, Director, The One Group