How we work with clients

How we work with clients

We succeed in our coaching journey with clients by focusing on three integrated aspects of psychological flexibility:

The first is focusing on the self:  we begin our coaching journey by focusing on you. How well do you understand your motives, thoughts, behaviours and way of being? We all operate instinctively and often unconsciously without considering the impact we have on others and the resulting consequences.

The second aspect is focusing on the other: how do you approach new challenges, deal with conflict and adversity with other people, either family members or work colleagues and situations? By better understanding our way of being, we can track how conflict and misunderstandings arise, sometimes through our unconscious behaviours which we flush out together during our sessions, and discuss.

The third aspect is focusing on context and issues: we explore specific areas and scenarios you want to improve or change and how you can go about making change to become more confident motivated and successful. We talk through your learned behaviours and patterns to fully understand the cause and their effect,  but we don’t just leave it there. We find out how you would like to change and discuss other ways of being for you to become more confident and your very best self.

Who is this for?

Our coaching journey is for individuals, leaders and managers who want to find the edge, meaning going the extra mile, even coming out of your comfort zone to maximise your potential.  You may be content with your life, but perhaps have a niggling feeling that you could do and be better. You may want to know how to get the best out of yourself ad others to improve your relationships and outcomes. We support and guide you collaboratively through this journey. We quickly recognise truth and honesty and challenge disingenuity. We examine the kind of issues that cause you concern and transform them into more specific actions and thoughts to empower you through guided discussion. We maximise the positive influence you can share with others and minimise harmful outcomes, effecting positive change. We talk about what should happen rather than what could happen.

Are you ready to find your roar?

Kayandco can help you achieve success

“I have had 3 terms of training with Kay and have covered an array of topics, all which have aided my learning and personal development, not only in my professional career but also in my personal life. I honestly believe Kay’s coaching was and still is instrumental to my performance and smashing my targets.

My self-awareness and indicators I have learnt from Kay really accelerated my performance and gave me the tools I needed to succeed.

I have and will continue to recommended Kay to friends and family.”

Jason Parrott, Director

The Collective Network, Peterborough