Building Back Better Podcast- Passion, Purpose, and Peak Experience with Dr Kay A M Weijers

Our Global Ambassador, Luke Murfitt, hosted Dr Kay A M Weijers, the owner of kayandco. Their conversation started with music and the importance of music throughout Kay's career and private life. As a talented flute player, she used to play in an orchestra!

However, she used her musical skillset and used it for business purposes. She says that music taught her to listen, to participate in a conversation with her co-speaker actively. She also used music to awaken and emphasise empathy in communication with her clients.

But the most intriguing part of the conversation they had was about (lack of) motivation. Kay offered answers to questions we've all encountered. To learn how to find and use your passion as a tool to keep you going, to learn how to rely on your passive experience and how to unlock your "peak experience", listen to the full podcast here.