Who needs us 2?

Who needs us?

The complex nature of society today offers increased choice, greater cultural diversity and pluralism of values which induces increased personal responsibility, insecurities, anxieties and confusion. In former times, life was more restricted and attitudes towards difference and diversity less tolerant, which (although often unfair and irrational) resulted in a more predictive and secure way of being and behaving. The great British ‘stiff upper lip’ was at its peak, and folk kept their anxieties and concerns to themselves and their intimate circle.

Today life is different. We now longer have maiden aunts and grand-parents living with us or next to us – people who cared about us and held us accountable for our thoughts and actions. Who do we talk to when the job isn’t going to plan, the promotion you sought doesn’t materialise, and you strive to do your best but keep coming up against a brick wall?

So, who can we turn to for support, accountability and confidentiality when we feel as though our backs are against the wall? Is it really the case that the tough get going when the going gets tough?

Those in positions of responsibility and power often appear aloof and distant and the simple truth is that we have no-one to turn to for fear of appearing to be weak, a failure and not being able to handle stress.

However…developing skills to understand such related issues as handling emotions (yours and others), coping with problems, overcoming anxiety, developing constructive relationships, communicating effectively, making decisions and dealing with conflict at every level  is at hand.

At kayandco, we are here to guide and support you in developing such skills as your confidante and thinking partner. Knowledge is power and personal knowledge leads to personal empowerment, success and joy.

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