Anxiety and Stress

We all get stressed and anxious to a lesser or greater extent – it’s dealing with it and knowing how to get through it that counts. Stress at work unfortunately impacts on our personal lives, and vice versa.

Katy is a highly successful and driven individual. Like her, those of us who push our-selves and our boundaries to the limit are often fully aware that stress levels are being challenged and charged on a daily basis. Couple this with unexpected personal stress and the combination is toxic which clearly impacts on personal and business life.

“I have worked with Kay on two separate occasions, each time during deeply stressful circumstances. She had helped me to deal positively with traumatic personal issues and at the same time, counselled me through professional crossroads.

Her unique way of working with her clients means that she inspires and encourages at the same time as coaching and mentoring.

Kay understands that the personal and professional overlap and her sessions with me have reflected that.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kay for professional or personal support.”

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