Self-belief and self-confidence

Most of us, at some time or other, suffer from a lack of self-belief and confidence. We tend to listen to our inner voice, the gremlin telling us we can’t achieve rather than look at our achievements to replicate thoughts, feelings and behaviours that brought success.

Challenged by what they thought was an unachievable target, this sales team lacked belief in their combined ability. Weekly sessions over a period of 3 months, with the entire team and individual one to one sessions, turned the situation on its head.

“You installed a belief in the wider team first of all, a belief that a stretch profit goal could be reached, a goal that was 30% up YOY straight off the back of two previous record growth years. With just three weeks of the year to go we have 5% of the sales target left to achieve what many needed convincing we could do.

I believe the processes you put in place enabled teams to achieve and exceed sales targets. You certainly helped me focus on the sales target…I am 15% over and still 3 weeks to go. The wider team meetings also helped as we were able to help each other with specific cases. A doctors’ surgery if you like where “Doctor Kay” ensured all the team took learnings on how to deal with specific situations.

What worked well for me was the mixture of 1 to 1’s, where your expertise and experience taught me how to close those awkward sales I had been chasing. And just having you at the end of the phone enabled me to take small steps and report in if things weren’t going to plan.”

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