Career Issues

We were invited to work with this Senior Manager as she was heading for potential redundancy and we were challenged with supporting her during the process. We aimed to develop her confidence and re-imprint her skills and capabilities to ensure she become self-aware, equipped and confident for future opportunities and interviews.

We were initially engaged to work over 6 sessions, but a further 3 sessions proved to be invaluable in helping her to achieve an appointment as CEO in a new career sector.

“As a Senior Manager who had settled within an organisation for many years, the reality of impending redundancy came as a shock to me. I was lucky however in that my organisation understood the potential impact that this change would have on me personally and made arrangements for me to have the support of a coach. 

This is when I met Kay. I was at a point in my life where redundancy meant the end of the security and familiarity I had known and I saw before me nothing but blankness, uncertain of what the future might hold for me.

Kay worked with me each session through a series of exercises, discussions and homework to tease out of me clarity on what my skills are, what environment suites me and what I want out of work…. and life.

Together we gradually painted a picture of my ideal job and how to get it. I left each session more optimist, more determined, more understanding of myself and better equipped to move forward.

I found Kay’s style to be supportive, approachable and encouraging, but she challenged me when necessary. Kay was very flexible and we shaped the sessions together to ensure they remained relevant to my needs as circumstances changed.

Kay applied an appropriate blend of theory and practice in our sessions and avoided unnecessary jargon.

Before our last session, I was able to secure a position as a CEO in a new sector and tread a new path in my career. I am grateful to Kay for what she did and how she helped me to reflect during a time when I was at my most resistant.”

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