We were asked to ‘tread gently’ with this potential client by a Company Director who knew that this Senior Consultant was hugely capable and highly intelligent, yet under-performing. We were asked to see if we could change his attitude and approach.

Over 6 sessions we were able to arouse his curiosity and quietly challenge his modus operendi and patterns of behaviour to ignite his self-awareness, but this was work in progress. Our coaching sessions resulted in flashes of brilliance from him yet demonstrated for us that one to one coaching is not procedural and some clients need continuous support for a longer period than others.

“I was a sales professional who thought I knew best and someone who was far too arrogant/perfect to believe I needed to change. I wasn’t someone who had ever subscribed to coaching or mentoring, after all, how would someone else know me better than myself?

Reluctantly therefore, I had an exploratory chat with Kay and within the first few minutes session she had already delivered a few home truths and characteristic traits that I didn’t realise were so obvious from the outside. Kay had my attention, for someone with a ridiculously short attention span- that was an achievement within itself! Through the following sessions, Kay delivered a completely personalised course, which never sought to reinvent the wheel but just to make me aware of the way in which I deal with emotions and interact with others. The understanding of the impact of my personality and character on others was instantaneous – everything we discussed in our sessions would be apparent in my everyday life- not just within work.

The beauty of it all was that I never felt like I was being preached to – I was never being force fed information and the whole process was two way, after all sometimes even the teacher needs to be taught. It wasn’t counselling, it wasn’t therapy and it wasn’t an Americanised “one-size fits all” self-improvement course. It was tailored one to one sessions where I felt at ease to discuss even the darkest of my demons from years ago which somehow still managed to manifest themselves in who I WAS today.

So am I now perfect? Absolutely not. But I am now, far more aware of my imperfections and how they affect everything from personal relationships to career success. I’m so much more conscious of who I AM today and feel more comfortable with who I WILL BE tomorrow.”

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