Lacking Motivation?

Motivation can come and go and it is vital to understand your drivers and motivators to get back on track when motivation is seriously lacking.

This client was a classic case of an enormously talented individual who was unfocussed and de-motivated. We were tasked with finding his roar. We analysed his learning style and drivers from a previous very successful career, to make him aware of how he had previously achieved success to utilise these drivers in his current job, and to motivate himself on a daily basis.

“I was introduced to Kay by my directors as I was struggling to find motivation to progress further. Kay was key to me in addressing my performance issues and helping me identify why I had a lack of self-motivation. With Kay’s help I learnt new techniques in dealing with people and more importantly, my own learning styles which was key to not only my work but my personal life. With the new motivated me I was able to keep focused which resulted in me gaining the promotion I wanted at work.”

Six months later

“Just wanted to let you know I am currently first on the leader board and doing the best I have ever done. Thank you so much for your work, I have spoken with my Boss about doing some more work with you.”

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